The Purpose of Therapy Is To

Set People Free


Hello, I'm Katie and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Integrative Therapist working in person and online, to help improve your life. I specialise in Anxiety & Quit Smoking, although I do work in lots of other areas too.

I help people become happier, less anxious, more confident, become free from habits and feel more in control of their lives. Life is too short to be feeling anxious, low, out of control or fearful. Often my clients have been feeling this way for a long time, until they discover that they hold the power to change their lives! 

The way you feel about yourself and the confidence you have in yourself, directly impacts each area of your life.


Nothing is permanent, and you do not have to hang on to anything you do not wish to. I am talking here about anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, childhood traumas, grief and loss, past events, phobias, unhelpful habits, long term stress...and the list goes on. We were not born with any of the above, and anything that can be learnt, can also be unlearnt. It is never too late to make a change and reach out for help.

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Meet me

I am passionate about helping people around the world to get rid of the bad stuff, and increase the good.

It all starts and finishes in the mind.

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As featured in Your Kent Wedding Magazine

My advice has been featured in Your Kent Wedding magazine, offering brides-to-be advice on how to stay calm, confident and worry-free for their big day with the help of my hypnotherapy.

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